7 Best Shopify Apps for 2022 :
Recommended by top Shopify store owners

The e-commerce world has seen many new changes over the past decade, and one of these changes is an increase in online shopping.

As online shopping demand increases, many entrepreneurs are flocking to create stores on Shopify.

This article lists out 7 best Shopify apps that you can use to get your store ahead of the curve.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

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The Klaviyo platform offers your company direct control of your customer database, empowering you to turn individual transactions with customers into persistent long-term relationships.

The Klaviyo database seamlessly integrates with your technology stack, providing you with a history of all customers that visit the website.You can learn their every move that makes them click, what makes them bounce, and what makes them buy.
Using the Klaviyo platform, you can use its suite of proven email and SMS templates to automate personalized communications, such as advising your customer about a special sale or reminding them to pick up an item they left in their cart. Customers are assured that what you tell them will be tailored to how you see yourself and not wooed with excessive messaging.
With real-time analytics over time, Klaviyo allows businesses to understand which marketing tactics are working and which aren't, so they can grow their brand using their own methods. With Klaviyo it's easy to tailor your communication to your customers and increase the size of your business according to what works best.
Klaviyo is one of the most popular Shopify apps out there, and it is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for ways to improve your business.
In addition to its amazing features, Klaviyo also has an extremely user-friendly interface. This means that even novice shop owners can use Klaviyo to boost their profits.
If you are looking for a powerful and effective Shopify app, then you should definitely check out Klaviyo!

Triple Whale: Analytics

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This software is used by e-commerce sites to analyze financial metrics, including revenue, return-on-ad-spend, LTV, and return on ad spend. It's a handy application for analyzing clean, clear statistics.
Easily monitor your profit margin 24/7 with a smartphone app. Get notifications as soon as your store ROAS drops or when profits drop. We also offer synchronizing all of your sales info (income, COGS, ads, shipping, handling, and payment gateways), all costs, including advertising spend (Facebook & Google Ads) and custom costs like software and overhead expenses
Integrates with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and Gorgias & the best thing about it is it's free.

KnoCommerce : For Surveys

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KnoCommerce is the customer survey tool created for eCommerce companies. By discovering your target audience's needs and desires, you'll be able to identify the marketing strategies you require, and can then take action on them.

How does KnoCommerce work? 

  • Run customer satisfaction surveys on Shopify, through your website, by email, or anywhere else
  • Collect customer feedback in real-time
  • Integrate with Shopify and Klaviyo to turn customer insights into Shopify and email marketing strategies
  • Automatically drive social follows 
  • Track your affiliate marketing campaigns on Shopify or elsewhere 
  • Increase engagement by capturing birthday data
And so much more...... 
Here are some features we found on KnoCommerce website :

4 key features of KnoCommerce 

  • Fully integrated with Shopify & Klaviyo - Kno Technologies tools are designed to work with Shopify and Klaviyo so that your data is synced between the two systems.
  • Collect Data Anywhere - Kno Technologies goes beyond running surveys on Shopify. Send surveys by email, or embed them on your website.
  • Extensive Template Library - You can deploy surveys in minutes using our survey and question template library.
  • Powerful Reporting - Kno Technologies' dashboard simplifies survey analysis. You can use their prebuilt reporting dashboard, or export data for offline analysis.

Attentive Mobile : For SMS

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Attentive is a platform and campaign management program that specializes in SMS and mobile engagement. It's currently working with some of the largest brands on the planet.Their SMS-first software platform helps enterprises, entrepreneurs, and consumers strengthen untapped ties in new ways.
They offer two-way, real-time, personalized communications with thousands of customer service representatives who drive billions in e-commerce sales and thousands of leading brands such as CB2, Pura Vida, Urban Outfitters, Jack in the Box, and Coach rely on Attentive for their commerce experiences.

 Affiliatly : Affiliate Marketing

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The affiliate marketing platform, Affiliatetly, is the all-in-one, full-featured affiliate and influencer marketing system for e-commerce companies.
Use Affiliatly to grow, track, and scale your business for no upfront costs. Increase traffic, create additional revenue, and fortify customer relations with the help of influencers and ambassadors at no cost.

Key features of Affiliatly

  • Shopify integration that is seamless and automatic, no coding required
  • Track clicks, commissions, and 3rd parties in real-time
  • Customizable affiliate panel, registration page, login and FAQ
  • Email alerts: Be notified instantly of new affiliates and referral orders
  • Onboarding for affiliates is simple: A personal dashboard login link, easy referral links, and ways to share coupons on Facebook, WhatsApp, and more
  • Promote your products and share a leaderboard so that your ambassadors have marketing tools to use
  • Analyze the performance of your affiliates with stats and in-app analytics
  • Affiliatly & Shopify automatically sync coupons, sync orders & update order status
  • Stop commissions from being generated by certain products
  • Activate or disable cookies depending on the situation
  • Send bulk payments to your affiliates via PayPal or generate gift cards for your store automatically with just a few clicks
  • Promote your campaign on our marketplace, invite customers to become influencers, and add a post-checkout popup to your checkout process

EasyBox : Popup Builder

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EasyBox is a popular application that can help you raise eCommerce sales, improve conversion rates, or expand your subscriber base using eye-catching pop-up box popups.
Create popups for yourself.

Use easy-to-navigate interactive drag-and-drop editor to save on designing and coding new popup yourself, or use one of our premade templates and customize them to fit your specifications.

Key features of Affiliatly

  • Welcome popups
  • Interval popups
  • Exit intent popups
  • Click-triggered popups (triggered by click on some link in your content)
  • Sign up and newsletter widget integrated with MailChimp, Active Campaign or Aweber
  • Interactive drag'n'drop layout editor
  • Built-in templates for your inspiration

You can use the app in a variety of ways:

  • Upon customer's first visit to your Store, display a subscription popup;
  • If a customer is about to leave your store, display a pop-up with the discount code;
  • On the Cart page, offer a special Discount Code to the customer who is about to leave your store;
  • In your product description, click the Size Guide link to view the sizing table;
  • On your Collections page, show a Special Offer banner.

Gorgias : Live Chat & Helpdesk

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Gorgias is a help desk (help center or customer service representative center) for ecommerce stores that allows your brand's customer service team to manage all of your service and support encounters in a single location. Ecommerce providers with Shopify use the Gorgias system to reduce ticket backlog and assist user representatives.
Working with Gorgias simplifies your support team's software by combining chat, email, phone, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels in one customer account. There's no better way of saving time and money on customer support.
With the powerful integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus, Georgias makes it easy to view customer order details, refunds, cancels, and duplicate orders without leaving the help desk app.
By connecting the most popular apps to help desks, you can cancel subscriptions, change loyalty points, and more, without leaving your help desk!
Reduce support time by using templates, automation, rules, and macros. With more productive support staff, you will be able to please your customers better.